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Keeping Up with the Cowdashians

Next week on Keeping Up with the Cowdashians … Buttercup voices concerns about Daisy’s plan to pose topless for Playbull magazine, fearing it’s perpetuating the male graze. Daisy points out that cows don’t wear clothes anyway, rendering Buttercup’s point mooooot. One of the most popular goose bands in the world, The Red Honk Chilli Peppers, is about to unveil their new member in a lavish event. Snowflake is over the moon when she receives an invite since she’s head over hooves in love with the lead singer. Drama arises when she beefs with protestors who want to ban gander reveal parties due to their tendency to go spectacularly wrong. CowyMcCowFace digests the shocking news she recently overherd about the farm next door. Then digests it again in her second stomach. And Ferdinand accidentally causes thousands of pounds of damage when shopping for a twentieth wedding anniversary gift. Coming up next, The Real Horsewives of New York say hay to their new neighhhbours, f