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Why does this blog exist?

I’ve realised my identity revolves around being a software engineer who stares at a screen and types stuff. For self-improvement, I’ve decided to engage in more diverse activities in order to become a more well-rounded person. This blog is one of those activities, and I’m excited to be doing something different: staring at a screen and typing stuff.


Anyway, this is a space for my non-tech writing, i.e. off-job thoughts that are too awesome1 to exist only in my head. Expect short stories, complaints about inconsequential things, and occasional posts about my life. The content will generally have a comedic2 angle, but introspection and deep thoughts might sneak in, and who knows what this blog will be like in the future? There are infinite exciting possibilities3.

Why should you read my writing?

I’m hilarious. I have more than one (i.e. two) anecdotal pieces of evidence where people have found me funny:

  1. I once caused someone a mild physical injury when they laughed too hard at my joke and hit their head on a wall.
  2. Someone told me that I should switch careers and become a stand-up comedian. That sounds flattering but in retrospect they might have been telling me that I was a terrible software engineer and would be better at literally any other job….4

My writing has Real Emotional Depth. A teacher once had a Serious Conversation with my mum about a poem I’d written for homework. It was about changing schools a lot and the poem was obviously so emotive they were concerned I was struggling with the instability. I was actually just really good at doing homework and writing feelings and honestly didn’t have issues with the frequent moves and leaving people and having to build new relationships and settling in new environments. Probably.

I can write like a twelve year old. Or possibly a twenty-eight year old. When I was ten, a different teacher told me I had the writing skills of a twelve year old. Being two years more mature is pretty much the highest compliment you could give a ten year old, right? What I do wonder is if my writing abilities are permanently stuck at the twelve year old level or whether it’s a constant two year age gap.

  1. This bar is so low it’s a tripping hazard. 

  2. In the sense that I think it’s funny, but that’s okay even if no one else enjoys it! Self-love is important. :) 

  3. Including the possibility of abandonment…. 

  4. To any close acquaintances who are worried I will be inviting them to amateur comedy nights, please don’t stress about having to make up excuses to not go. I have no intention of becoming a stand-up comedian, nor do I have the skills to do so. 

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