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How to Get a Surprise Seaside Birthday Trip

Wait for your birthday. Travel by train to a competition. Ignore the announcement that the route has been modified due to signal failures. For best results, be sleep deprived and have your earphones in. Wonder why so many people are leaving the train at the stop before yours. Prepare to get off the train. Watch in horror as your stop gets further and further away. Get told the train won’t stop for another couple of hours until it reaches a station by the coast. Look out of the window at the appropriate time to get a glimpse of the sea peaking through the gap between two houses as the sun sets. Appreciate the beauty of nature for a second before you’re pulled relentlessly onwards. When the train finally stops, get off it and take the return train to your intended destination. Fail to maximise pity points for your misadventure at the competition. Only get second place.